Copa America 2024: Canada vs. Chile Live Score Updates and Results

Copa America 2024: Canada vs. Chile Live Score Updates and Results Jun, 30 2024

The anticipation is building as fans gear up for an exciting showdown between Canada and Chile in the Copa America 2024. Scheduled for June 29, this match carries significant weight, as both teams are vying for a spot in the knockout stages. The game will kick off at different times based on the viewer's location: 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, 7:00 p.m. Central Time, 6:00 p.m. Mountain Time, 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, 4:00 p.m. Alaska Standard Time, and 2:00 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time.

For those in the United States, fans can catch the action live on FS2, with Spanish-language broadcasts available on TUDN USA and Univision. Additionally, there are several streaming platforms broadcasting the game, such as Fubo, Fox Sports app/website, TUDN app/website, Univision Now, and ViX. In Canada, the match will be showcased on TSN1, TSN 4, CTV Two, and RDS 2. Viewers preferring live streaming can tune into TSN+, the CTV app, and the RDS app. The extensive coverage ensures that fans from all over North America will not miss a second of this pivotal game.

The Tactical Approach

Canada's coach, Jesse Marsch, has been known for his strategic approach to matches, and this game promises to be no different. The Canadian side is coming off a strong performance against Peru, a game that saw Marsch make a bold move with a half-time triple substitution. This tactical decision paid off, leading to a notable win and bolstering the team’s confidence as they head into the match against Chile.

Derek Cornelius, Liam Millar, and Ismael Kone, who had prominent roles in the previous match, might start on the bench this time. Kamal Miller is expected to replace Cornelius in central defense, while Richie Laryea is anticipated to retain his spot at left-back. This lineup adjustment allows Alphonso Davies, one of Canada’s star players, to move further forward and potentially create more scoring opportunities. The projected starting lineup for Canada is Crepeau (GK) — Johnston, Bombito, Miller, Laryea — Osorio, Eustaquio — Buchanan, David, Davies — Larin.

Chile’s Game Plan

On the other side of the pitch, Chile's coach, Ricardo Garcia, is expected to make his own tactical adjustments. While specific changes to Chile's lineup are yet to be fully disclosed, it is clear that Garcia will aim to optimize his squad’s strengths to counteract Canada’s strategies. As with Canada, Chile's final matchday squad will be announced one hour before the match begins, which always leaves room for last-minute surprises.

Chile's team has shown resilience and strategic play throughout the tournament so far. Garcia could potentially focus on tightening the defense and exploiting any gaps left by Canada's forward-moving players like Davies. With both teams bringing their best to the field, the match promises to be a thrilling display of skill, strategy, and sheer will to win.

Match Impact and Expectations

Match Impact and Expectations

The importance of this match cannot be overstated. As both teams aim for the knockout stages, every strategic move, player substitution, and on-field decision will be crucial. Fans and analysts alike will be closely watching to see how each coach’s strategy unfolds and which team manages to gain the upper hand.

For Canada, securing a win against Chile would be a massive confidence booster and a clear message to other teams in the tournament. For Chile, a victory here would solidify their standing and boost their morale as they move deeper into the competition. The stakes are undeniably high, and the outcome of this match could very well shape the rest of the tournament for both teams.

Broadcast and Streaming Options

As mentioned earlier, this match will enjoy extensive coverage across multiple platforms. For fans in the United States, FS2 and the Spanish-language channels TUDN USA and Univision provide television options. Streaming enthusiasts have various choices, including Fubo, Fox Sports app/website, TUDN app/website, Univision Now, and ViX. Canadian viewers can watch the game on TSN1, TSN 4, CTV Two, and RDS 2, with streaming on TSN+, the CTV app, and the RDS app. Such widespread coverage ensures accessibility regardless of the viewer’s preference for traditional or digital media.

The live score updates and real-time reporting will keep fans engaged from the first whistle to the final goal, creating a comprehensive viewing experience. As Canada and Chile clash on June 29, the football world will be watching intently, awaiting a match that promises excitement, drama, and incredible football action.

Fan Reactions and Predictions

Leading up to the match, fan reactions have been electric on social media, with hashtags for both teams trending. Supporters are not only predicting the outcomes but are also analyzing possible strategies and lineup changes. Canadian fans are optimistic, buoyed by their team's recent performance and the tactical ingenuity of coach Jesse Marsch. There’s a palpable sense of excitement and a belief that Canada can secure a place in the knockout stages.

On the other hand, Chilean fans are just as passionate and hopeful. Many recall their team's past glorious moments in Copa America and are eager to witness another triumph. The discussions range from tactical setups to player performances in previous matches, reflecting a comprehensive engagement with every aspect of the game.

Key Players to Watch

Key Players to Watch

Several players from both teams will be under the spotlight. For Canada, Alphonso Davies is undoubtedly one to watch. His pace, skill, and ability to change the game make him a critical asset. Forward Jonathan David also brings an attacking threat that could break through even the toughest defenses.

Chile, too, has its share of standout players. Their experienced midfielders and aggressive forwards are known for creating opportunities out of seemingly impossible situations. The tactical prowess of Chile’s squad means that players like Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sanchez could become game-changers.


The Copa America 2024 clash between Canada and Chile is shaping up to be a must-watch event. With both teams aiming for the knockout stages, the strategies, player performances, and coaching decisions will be pivotal. From robust defensive plays to dynamic attacking maneuvers, fans can expect a full spectrum of football excellence. As the final preparations are made and the squads are announced, the excitement continues to build. Make sure to tune in and catch every moment of this thrilling encounter.